Year-End Giving 2023

A Non-Subtle Note Concerning Year-End Giving

As we slide into the end of the year, it’s time for a grand slam of gratitude! You’ve knocked it out of the park, diving headfirst into generosity like true champions this year and in years past. Your dedication to making this Bellaire Little League a home run has left us in awe!

Together, we’ve hit fundraising targets out of the park, raised enough to invest in all sorts of improvements, and even managed to keep the concessions bar stocked with enough Prime to quench the thirst of our sugar-addled youths!

So, as we gear up for the end of the year let’s celebrate the wins, laugh at the bloopers, and get ready to hit the field swinging in the new year. Your continued support means everything to our league, and we couldn’t be more grateful for every one of you.

If you do feel like you are willing or able to donate, no amount is too small for BLL as we continue to invest in improvements, and hopefully some new fields.

We do have some specific items we are looking to sponsor, and if you feel led to discuss or donate, you can talk to Sam Dagley or Zach Silverman

Appreciate all you do!

Sam Dagley & Zach Silverman