Scoreboard and PA System

Scoreboard Instructions

  1. Make sure your bluetooth is turned ON
  2. Download Daktronics "Dak Score" app onto your phone or tablet
  3. Open the DAK Score app
  4. Connect to "AllSport MX-1 Device"
  5. Select "Bellaire LL - [Field Name]"
  6. Turn the scoreboard ON
  7. Select "New Game"
  8. Under "settings” -- set Broadcast Group and Channel  to “1”
  9. Keep score (don't forget the balls and strikes!)

PA System instructions - via bluetooth

  1. Make sure the PA system is powered on
  2. Make sure your device's bluetooth is turned ON
  3. Press the bluetooth button on the adapter in the pressbox
  4. Connect on your device via bluetooth to "Esinkin BT Adapter"
  5. Operate walkup music through your app of choice