Field Checklist

Before the game - host team

  1. Put all the bases out.
  2. Bring 2 game balls.
  3. Setup the pitching machine (TX and Rookie) - while following the pitching machine instructions.
  4. Unlock the bathrooms.
  5. Unlock the cages.
  6. Turn on scoreboards (Horn - get scoreboard controllers out of sheds and connect them).(Spring Only).
  7. Get portable speakers setup for announcers (Horn). (Spring Only)
  8. Turn the lights on if needed (Tiras/Jess/Bayland).

After the game - Visiting team

  1. Water the field if it needs watering - are there cracks on the IF?
  2. (hose is in the shed, water connection is behind pitchers mound).
  3. Put bases in shed.
  4. Cover home and pitchers mound with tarps.
  5. Lock all cages.
  6. Lock all sheds
  7. Lock all bathrooms.
  8. Pickup trash in dugouts and stands.
  9. Put away scoreboard components and turn off scoreboards.
  10. Store and disassemble pitching machines while following the pitching machine instructions (TX and Rookie).
  11. Turn off all the lights (Tiras/Jess/Bayland).