Bellaire Little League Boundary Map

BLL Player Eligibility And Boundary Rules

A player is eligible to play BLL if they either

  1. reside within our boundary or
  2. attend school within our boundary

To confirm whether your residence is located within our boundary, please click LITTLE LEAGUE FINDER and enter your address.

Schools within BLL Boundary:

  • Condit Elementary School
  • Horn Elementary School
  • Pin Oak Middle School
  • The Post Oak School
  • Veritas Christian Academy of Houston
  • Faith Lutheran School
Bellaire Little League Boundary Map

Regular Boundary Waiver

If your player does NOT reside or attend school within our boundary, you should play at the appropriately zoned area little league OR apply for an approved boundary waiver (issued by Little League International) to play for BLL. We cannot guarantee that LL International or the president of your area league will agree to your out-of-boundary waiver request to play BLL. If your player has previously played BLL through an approved waiver, please email to determine whether you need to submit a new waiver request for the coming spring season.

The boundary waiver process consists of the following five steps:

  1. Using our template (BLL Waiver Letter Template), prepare a letter explaining why you would like your player to participate in BLL and email it to
  2. BLL reviews the parent letter and prepares a supporting letter.
  3. BLL asks the president of your area little league to prepare a supporting letter.
  4. BLL asks the district administration for District 16 (our district) to prepare a supporting letter.

BLL asks District 16 to forward all supporting letters and information to Little League International for their approval.


Additionally, any BLL player whose residence or school changes from within the BLL boundary to outside the BLL boundary reserves the right to continue playing BLL by completing a Regulation II(d) waiver form (see link below). This boundary waiver rule also applies to the siblings of any player who previously qualified for this waiver. If you fit this criteria, please e-mail your completed Regulation II(d) form to