Spring 2023 Team Manager Announcement

Congratulations to our 2024 Spring Managers!

We want to take this time to thank them in advance for their time and commitment to this upcoming Spring season. It’s going to be epic.

Parents, you should hear from your team manager no later than January 26, after the drafts have taken place (see dates below). If you have questions about this upcoming season, visit us online at bellairell.org or email info@bellairelittleleague.org

Here’s to a great Spring season. Let’s play ball!


Dan Braun

Dan Cowles

Bubba Crosby

Elan Levy

Fred Love

Ken Mondshine

Bryan Patterson

Evan Stein


Keith Benson

Dan Braun

Donald Capone

Sam Dagley

Adam Davidoff

Kristin de Aldecoa

Mike Gallagher

Chase Kronzer

Jay LeJeune

Derek Sirmans

Todd Stern

Tojo Thomas


Mike Beman

Adam Brand

Jed English

Ben Hirvela

Matt Hudlow

Dan Joyce

Sam Lee

Charlie Nater

Zach Silverman

Josh Stein

Reid Wade

Enzo Zappia


Donald Capone

Kwan Chow

Jacob Cohen

Chase Kronzer

Burke Nixon

Amit Shah

Aaron Trevino

Greg Urbach

Stephen Uzick

Michael Wacher

Larry Wood

Alexander Yudovich


Eugene Tunitsky

Brooke McNierney

Drew Carden

Erin Busch

Elex Nuon

Gary Chu

Matt Banks

Alex Yudovich

Brian Friend

Lane Pauly